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Dodhys Medical Limited provides complete solutions in Oxygen Therapy. From simple flow meters for connection to Centrally Supplied Medical Gases, either according to British, German, French, Japanese or American specifications, to complete kits for Oxygen Therapy including regulators, cylinders, trolleys and allied accessories.

Take a look at our products, ask about our special constructions according to customer supplied specifications and our OEM range of equipment. Join us to share in the growth, which we enjoy since the last ten years.

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Dodhys Agencies (Pvt.) Ltd. has held long, steady and fruitful relations with all its vendors and clients. Over 45 years these have flourished and grown, thanks to a sound trading policy, which includes better products, prices and services to the client and quick after sales services to them. On the other hand, this growth would not have been possible with out the support of our foreign principals, who have worked hand in hand in maintaining and developing these relations.

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