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The Astra Range of Anaesthesia machines from OES Medical offer quality and safety at an affordable price, with the additional benefit of low maintenance costs.

The Flowmeter bank encorporates a mechanical anti-hypoxic device and dual flow tubes are used on the oxygen and nitrous oxide. The Flowmeter tubes are mounted close to the front of the flowmeter bank for a freater viewing angle and a bright background is provided to improve vision of the flow tube bobbins in low light. The Flowmeter on/off switch is conveniently mounted below the flowmeter bank and includes a shroud to prevent inadvertent turning off. The oxygen flush is mounted on the right hand side of the machine and is recessed for safety.

Both sides of the machine incorporate a vertical dovetail for mounting ventilators, monitors and other equipment. The worksurface front includes a horizontal dvetail for additional equipment and a range of brackets can be supplied to individual customer requirements.

The Astra 200 is a two gas machine with a single station Selectatec backbar, while the Astra 300 includes air and a two station backbar.



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