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  HYDRA Carbon Dioxide Absorber


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The OES HYDRA carbon dioxide absorber has a unique absorbent canister which is attached to the underside by two toggle clamps for easy removal and replacement, any liquid from breathing circuit condensation is retained in the bottom of the canister preventing contamination and allowing easy disposal.The absorber has a bypass valve, which allows the canister to be removed in the off mode without loss of fresh gas flow during absorbent replacement.

The on/off knob and the bag / vent knob are mounted at either end of the absorber with the adjustable pressure relief mounted on the top together with an ergonomic swivelling bag connection arm allowing ease of use.

The ventilator, fresh gas and exhaust connection are all mounted on the rear of the absorber.

The complete absorber (excluding the manometer) is autoclavable.


Absorber on/off knob with canister bypass in the of position for absorbent replacement #

Ventilator/bag selection valve #

Quick release manometer 20 to 100 cm H20 #

Ventilator connection 22 mm male taper with 15 mm female taper #

Ergonomic swivel bag mount arm

Patient connections 22 mm male taper with 15 mm female taper

Fresh gas inlet 1.5 metre hose with 22 mm female taper

Exhaust taper 30 mm male

# High specification model only

Overall dimensions:

Height 345 mm
Weight - Low specification model 270 mm

High specification model

303 mm
Depth 270 mm
Weight - Low specification model 7.0 kg

High specification model

9.1 kg

Mounting system 25.4 mm (1 inch) diameter hole with clamp screw.

Absorber leak rate less than 25 cc fresh gas flow at 30 cm H2O

Canister capacity 1.4 kg (1600 ml)


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