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  AGENA Anaesthetic Vaporizer


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Plastic coated main body with two locks on either side to lock the dust proof cover. Also features a swivel arm to accommodate breathing circuits. Rail to accommodate one Vaporizer. Large handle facilitating easy transport.
Dimensions : 400 x 400 x 270 mm (L x W x H)

Standard Equipment (Basic Unit)

Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide Flowmeter
Ranges : O2 : 0 – 10 L/min
N2O : 0 – 10 L/min
Accuracy : VDI/VDE 3513 class 2.5
Special Features : Color coding on tubes. Float with white spot to observe rotation

Oxygen Flush and Nitrous Oxide Cut-off
As standard, the Cinna is equipped with an oxygen flush valve which is placed at the front for easy and quick access, and an in built Nitrous Oxide cut-off device which stops the Nitrous Oxide flow in case there is an Oxygen supply failure.

Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide Inlets
Provided at the rear of the unit for unobstructed connections. Inlets are gas specific and manufactured according NIST.

Mixed Gas Outlet
Threaded connection to safeguard accidental loosening or disconnection and mixed gas connection hose.

Pressure Regulators and Connection Hoses
One each pressure regulator for Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide and one each, 5 m hose with appropriate connections for Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide.



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