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  BeneView T6-T8


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  • 15"/17"color TFT display.
  • Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.
  • Up to 3 slave screens on the main units for separate view.

  • 13 module slots for flexible configuration.
  • MPM module with up to 8-hour data saving for patient transport.
  • Advanced technologies including RM, ICG, BIS, etc.
  • Maximum 8 channels for IBP measurement.
  • Friendly and configurable user interface.
  • Ethernet or Wireless LAN networking.
  • Powerful data review:

    1. Maximum 120-hour graphic and tabular trends of all parameters.
    2. 24-hour full disclosure waveforms review.
    3. 120 seconds frozen waveforms.
    4. Up to  1000 pieces of  NIBP record storage.
    5. 100 pieces of  regular alarms review.
    6. 100 pieces of  ARR alarms storage.


    Standard Configuration:

    Main unit + Display + MPM(ECG, SpO 2 , Dual-IBP, 2-TEMP, NIBP)



    All-in-one Module: MPM with optional configurations.

    Single Modules: 12 lead ECG module, Dual-IBP module, CO module, EtCO2 module, Multi-gas/O2 module (with optional BIS), ICG module, BIS module, Spirometry module, Thermal recorder module.

    Module Racks: 8 slot module rack

    Navigating options: touch screen, mouse, keyboard, or Blue tooth presenter.

    Other options: Wireless LAN, Power-off Storage, Laser Printer, External Displays.



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