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  Oxygen Therapy Equipment (2)

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Dodhys piston type regulators and flowmeters are made of high quality chrome plated brass with utmost attention to precision and detail. The medical oxygen regulator is equipped with a high quality pressure gauge and safety valve that is set at 6.5 bar.

The strong and reliable, back pressure compensated flowmeter offers the latest technical improvements, with a flow range of 1-15 l/min and an accuracy of ±0.75 l/min. The tube is boldly graduated from 1-15 l/min and is protected by an unbreakable polycarbonate cover. The flow graduation knob is according to ISO norm and gives the user a very steady control of flow over the whole range.

The Humidifier incorporates a polycarbonate bottle, which may be autoclaved. It features the new silent bubbling device for more comfort during night time use or in silent areas, whereas efficiently providing humidification to the Oxygen.







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